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Resources for filmmakers.

This video is jam packed with all sorts of special effects.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Planet Terror, then you will truly enjoy this.  They cover all kinds of things.  Ranging from the little scratches and old film look to the machine gun leg and some pretty brutal looking gore.  Anyway, enjoy!

10 Minute Film School- Planet Terror


For those lucky few that have Adobe After Effects, I highly recommend Video Copilot and Creative Cow.  These places are great for special effects tutorials.  Video Copilot is strictly After Effects.  Creative Cow, however, also has Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Premier Pro tutorials just to name a few.

Hope these websites help you out!


Need some explosions?  How about some smoke?  Or what if you just want a simple rain effect?  Well, Detonation Films has it.

They have tons of things to choose from.  Some you have to pay for, but quite a selection of free things as well.  This website is great for special FX.  However, to use any of it, you’ll need a program that can “key” things out.  Just like I had talked about in my Green Screening tutorial.

So, there you have it.  All of your ‘hard to get’ special FX in one website.